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Application of High Strength Grouting Material in Machine To

Machine equipment installation program is basically the basic inspection and release line, the machine out of the box, in place and correct, the first level and secondary grouting, cleaning and assembly, fine and fixed, installation precision adjustment and commissioning, grouting and acceptance.
Machine equipment, the purpose of the second grouting is to adjust the basic level of the machine to the horizontal position, lay a good foundation for the fine level. The secondary grouting of the anchor bolt hole shall be carried out after the initial flattening. The purpose is to fix the anchor bolt so that it forms a whole with the whole foundation. Before grouting, clear the holes in the bolt hole dirt, grease and dirt, and rinse with water to keep the hole clean.
Grouting for no anchor bolts installed, only the ordinary horn and need to be fixed on the machine tool; there are anchor bolts and ordinary horn, but do not need to regularly adjust the installation accuracy of the machine. High-strength non-shrink grouting material in the choice, we must choose a large flow of grouting material varieties, and have a strong plasticity, toughness is better. Hebei Duooda grouting material factory recommends that users use our company's high-strength non-shrink grouting material for grouting construction, fundamentally change the equipment base force to make it evenly bear the full load of equipment to meet a variety of machinery, electrical Equipment (heavy equipment, high-precision grinding machine) installation requirements, so as to ensure the safe use of machine tools.