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Introduction to Engineering
Full-tube full-turn drilling rig is a new type of rig that integrates hydraulic power and transmission and electromechanical fluid.
This is a new, environmentally friendly and efficient drilling technology, in recent years in the city subway, deep foundation pit enclosure bite pile, waste pile (low barrier) clean, high iron, road bridge, urban construction pile construction, reservoir dam Reinforcement and other projects have been widely used.
The success of this new method of industrial practice, to achieve the construction workers in the eggs, boulder strata, including cave strata, thick sand bottom, strong neckline, all kinds of pile foundation, reinforced concrete structure and other obstacles have not cleared You can achieve the filling pile, replacement pile, underground continuous wall and other types of pile foundation construction possible.
The full-round full-turn method has been successfully completed in more than 5000 projects in many countries and regions such as Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin and Chengdu. It will certainly in the future urban construction and other pile construction areas play a greater role.
① foundation pile, continuous wall
♦ high iron, road bridge, housing foundation pile
♦ need to dig a large subway station, underground construction, continuous wall of the occlusal pile construction
♦ this reservoir reinforcement of the retaining wall
② drilling pebbles, boulders, caves
♦ can be in the mountains and other eggs, boulders formation foundation pile
♦ can be in the coastal thick sand, strong necking of the formation or backfill layer of operations, filling the base pile
♦rock drilling on the rock, filling the foundation pile
③ removal of underground obstacles
♦ in the city construction, bridge reconstruction, you can directly remove the reinforced concrete piles, steel pipe piles, H steel piles, PC piles, stakes and other obstacles, in situ filling the base pile
④ cutting rock formation
♦Cast-in-place bored pile for rock drilling
♦on the rock bed through hole (shaft, ventilation holes)
⑤ large depth excavation
♦In situ filling or steel pipe pile insertion for deep foundation improvement
♦ in the reservoir, tunnel construction in the construction of deep wells