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Wonderful review——into Kengbo Machinery

The just-concluded "Tenth Deep Foundation Engineering Development Forum and the Second Deep Foundation Engineering Technology and Equipment Fair" aroused a strong response in the industry circle. It was a success under adverse conditions affected by the epidemic worldwide. Held and rewarding deep foundation industry event. The trade volume reached in the exhibition exceeded 15 billion yuan, the exhibition area was 11,000 square meters+, 100+ exhibitors, 10,000+ exhibitors, and 640,000+ viewers of the whole process of webcast attention...

Let us follow the footsteps of the host of the 10th Deep Foundation Engineering Development Forum into our exhibitor, Wuxi Kengbo Machinery Co., Ltd.     

The host walks into Kengbo Machinery
Wuxi Kengbo Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in a complete set of pipes (including joints), casing screw sets, underwater grabs, impact hammers, alloy cutter heads, lifters and other products. It produces and sells a complete set of pipe full-rotation drills, Pipe fittings, construction auxiliary equipment, etc.

The company's main equipment includes: digital display milling and boring machines, lathes, wire cutting, planers, CNC, vertical lathes, etc. The company has a solid technical force, with a sound quality assurance system, complete inspection system, excellent manufacturing technology, reasonable workshop layout, strict management system, and mature processing capabilities to ensure product quality.

With the continuous construction of foundation projects in recent years, various construction methods suitable for complex stratum have appeared accordingly. Among them, the full-pipe construction method is compared with other methods of large-diameter cast-in-place pile construction methods. The advantages of good environmental protection effect, high quality of hole formation and pile formation, and construction in various miscellaneous fills are widely used.

Construction Cases
Kengbo Machinery adheres to the company tenet of "Excellence in Quality, and Dedicated Service!". It has cooperated with many companies in Hunan, Liaoning, Nanjing, Qingdao, Shanxi, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Zhuhai, Malaysia, etc. One of the construction projects in this province. Based on the attitude of sincere cooperation and hand in hand, the company sincerely welcomes new and old customers to visit and negotiate cooperation!