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Drilling Method of Underground Clearance of Full Circle Casi 2017/09/09
Full rotary drilling rig without leaving the pile construction technology is: the whole rotary equipment is...
Advantages of Construction of Fully Mechanized Draft 2017/09/09
Safe and reliable, on the soil disturbance small clearance clearance Pile construction method in the steel ...
General use of packing sleeves and rigid waterproof sleeves 2017/09/09
Rigid waterproof casing is a steel pipe plus wing ring (steel ring made on the ring tube), installed in the...
Waterproof casing installation precautions 2017/09/09
Waterproof casing installation Note: When the surface is corrosive media, can be used to block the closure ...
Application of High Strength Grouting Material in Machine To 2017/09/09
Machine equipment installation program is basically the basic inspection and release line, the machine out ...
The basic composition and composition ratio of grouting prod 2017/09/09
With the rapid development of the construction industry, now with another industry development, that is, bu...