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Auxiliary test conditions

1, Equipment foundation concrete including secondary grouting strength has reached the design requirements.
2, The installation work has been completed and acceptance, complete installation records.
3, Equipment and systems such as the internal and surrounding scaffolding and other temporary facilities have been removed, all the debris has been cleared clean equipment and the system inside and outside according to the test range has been closed and isolated.
4, The relevant places are well lit and have the necessary communication facilities.
5, Lubricants, grease has been added to the design of the amount of lubricant and grade, meet the quality requirements. The oil system has been commissioned.
6, Instrument, instrument, the valve has been installed complete, one by one debugging qualified.
7, The bolts are fastened as required. Protective covers and fences installed to meet the requirements.
8, Rotor disk flexible, no card astringent, friction Sassafras and other anomalies. Cooling water system is smooth, adequate water pressure back to normal water back to water phenomenon.