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Installation Basics

1,first of all the basic surface of the whole chisel hair. According to the specific circumstances, set out to play Ma or make sand pulp. Play the hemp surface: the use of standard horn, parallelism on both sides of the absolute difference shall not be greater than 0.03 ~ 0.05mm. Chiseled pimple must be greater than the pad length, width 10mm, the horn on the hemp of any position are horizontal and no warp. The horn will be coated with red and Dan powder, grinding in the Ma face, the color surface is not less than 70%. Production of sand slurry: the use of coarse river sand: # 525 Portland cement: water = 1: 1: 0.3, stirring evenly. Sand pulp to fight real, the upper horn level is not greater than 0.5mm.
2, horn preparation: horn arranged on both sides of the anchor bolts and the base frame of the bearing parts. The horn group is determined by the weight of the equipment, the load condition, the base frame size and the steel grade. The weight is not large, no impact load equipment, adjacent two sets of horn distance of 500 ~ 800mm, for heavy and impact load equipment, horn spacing of 300mm. Each group of horns not more than three, a pair of oblique pad iron count, each group only allowed a pair of oblique horn. Between the horn and the horn with a 0.05mm feeler check the depth of the plug does not exceed the length of 20% of the contact, oblique horn gradient is generally 1: 10 ~ 1: 20, thin edge thickness of not less than 4mm.
3, horn installation: horn can be stable and does not affect the case of secondary grouting, should be as close as possible to the anchor bolts. The thick horn is placed underneath the thin horn on it. Horn to reveal the base frame of not less than 10mm, but not beyond the edge of the foundation. According to the above requirements can be equipped with a high degree of installation to meet the needs of the horn group, the joints and horn on the bottom of the concrete foundation Ma and the bottom of the base frame clean. The horn placed in the process, to prevent sand and other debris into the bonding surface. When the foot bolts with strength, with a hammer hammer oblique pad thick side, so that the horn group evenly. After the equipment is correct and the anchor bolts have been tightened, the two sides of the horn are welded firmly. Horn installation points: there are processing bias oblique horn matching, to be carefully deployed, so that after the matching oblique horn, surrounded by the thickness of the same uniform; horns must not have a combination of defects, bumps or debris; Between the horn and platen, between the horn and the hemp should be closely integrated; pad iron evenly; anchor bolts after the base frame without stress due to uneven deformation.