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The basic composition and composition ratio of grouting prod

With the rapid development of the construction industry, now with another industry development, that is, building reinforcement industry, so now more and more reinforcement works used to reinforce the grouting material.
Since the 3-day compressive strength of the BY cement-based grouting material can reach 40MPA, the beam-side template can be removed after 48 hours of pouring of the grouting material in the concrete beam-column joint reinforcement. Grouting material pouring template should be continued after the removal of conservation, this time in its surface brushing three special curing agent, brushing time interval of about 2 hours, and daily water conservation 2 times, for safety reasons, 4 days after the start of the concrete column , The beam at the end of mold to be chisel except after the demolition, after the demolition of the beam at the end of the cracks observed.
Reinforcement grouting material use and mold removal point of attention
Concrete column chisel in addition to the pre-filling grouting material test block for compressive strength testing, qualified before the official chisel in addition to. Chisel in addition to the use of man-machine combination of the way, first of all by the construction drawings marked out of the demarcation of the demarcation line, with cutting machine along the dividing line cutting, and then cut below the dividing line artificial, the column will be cut out, Cut off the steel, and then continue to cut along the cutting line along the dividing line, artificial chisel in addition to a circle, so the cycle, until the pillars cut off, and to ensure the completion of the formation of the bottom of the reinforcement column. Below the dividing line using the air compressor, gas cutting with artificial chisel, and clean up the scene garbage.